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Chronic Pain

Who Are We?

Our mission is to provide excellent, individualized care by integrating the best of nature and science with wisdom and grace.

Our vision is to create a world of harmonious, vibrant, healthy living for all of God's children.

Applied Wisdom Health Institute was founded in 1999 by Dr. Curt Maxwell, a brilliant New Zealand-born, American, and Canadian trained Integrative Physician. His vision was to provide empowerment through information and effective treatment to those most in need and to eliminate ignorance as well as suffering in its many forms. As an avid scholar, he was passionate about optimizing health and disseminating truth in a world full of misinformation. Dr. Curt was a maverick in his field, a passionate educator, a brilliant physician, a loving father, and a committed mentor who loved his family and patients second only to his love for truth, knowledge, and dispelling ignorance.

While no longer managed by Dr. Curt Maxwell who passed on January 15th, 2020, A.W. Health Institute continues to flourish in its intention and mission. It is now owned and operated by his son, Allen Maxwell, and partner Dr. Aalia Avelin, who have dedicated their lives to preserving and cultivating the legacy created by Dr. Curt Maxwell.

A. W. Health Institute provides all the services and protocols Dr. Curt did, along with many more. 

Our focus continues to be pain management, chronic disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer however have expanded our options and services to include telemedicine and concierge consults, and acupuncture, in-depth botanical medicine, frequency medicine, and much more. 

We now have a Phoenix location in addition to our Los, Algodones, MX location. Our Mexico location has changed for the new season of 2022.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to a healthy and vital life.







Dr. Maxwell took the time to figure out the root cause of my pain. I left his office feeling much better, and no longer walking in pain.

Sandy B.


I appreciate Dr. Avelin taking such great care and time to go over everything with me! She is so genuine and aware of details and has my best interest at heart!

Margaret C.


Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Avelin are an amazing team together. I cannot say I have gotten better care from a doctor in a very long time. They offer an elegant combination of knowledge and compassion.

Mat K.




Mexico Location

Los Algodones Office

Cjon. Internacional 240, Vicente Guerrero, 21970 Vicente Guerrero, B.C., Mexico \\ Tel: 928-257-4873 

Hours: Wednesday- Saturday 8am-12pm

Arizona Location

Phoenix, Arizona Office

1904 E Manhatton Dr.,

Tempe, AZ 85282 \\ Tel: 928-257-4873 

Hours: Monday-Tuesday 9am-4pm